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how can we use javascripts in visualforce pages?

function changeFontColor(Id,textValue) { if(Id.checked) { document.getElementById(textValue).style.fontWeight = “bold”; document.getElementById(textValue).style.color= “green”; } else { document.getElementById(textValue).style.fontWeight = “Normal”; document.getElementById(textValue).style.color= “black”; } } By places. Is airbrush. Perfume pharmacy rx one The really Continue Reading »

Salesforce Upsert Call

adobe cs6 download mac Salesforce Upsert Call Upsert: Syntax: UpsertResult[] ur= connection.upsert(String externalIdFieldName, sObject[] sObjects); Upsert is creates new records and updates existing records; uses a custom field to determine Continue Reading »

Pagination using Salesforce Visualforce and Apex Class

Pagination using Visualforce and Apex Class Apex Class : public class accountPaginationCls { public Integer noOfRecordPerPage {get;set;} public Integer selectedPage {get;set;} <a style="text-decoration: none;color: inherit;cursor: default" href="">cialis dosage</a> public Continue Reading »