Action tags in Visual force page:
We have two types of action given below:
  • Remote Action- JavaScript in VF page call server from Button.
  • Action tags-This tags support for calling action and refresh the field only not visualforce page.
Given below are the different action tags:
  1. apex:actionFunction
Provides support for invoking controller action methods directly from JavaScript code using an AJAX request. An component must be a child of an component.
  1. apex:actionPoller
A timer that sends an AJAX update request to the server according to a time interval that you specify. Update request can then result in a full or partial page update. You should avoid using this component with enhanced lists.
  1. apex:actionRegion
This action tag is use AJAX request for particular field or component. Like we have

Else and does and

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change the value of pick list in visual force then request go to Server and come back through AJAX without Saving the VF page.

  1. apex:actionStatus
A component that displays the status of an AJAX update request. An AJAX request can either be in progress or complete
  1. apex:actionSupport
Adds AJAX support to another component, allowing the component to be refreshed asynchronously by server when a particular event occurs, such as a button click or mouse over.
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