asp.net79. Why a SiteMapPath control is referred to as breadcrumb or eyebrow navigation control?
The SiteMapPath control displays a hierarchical path to the root Web page of the Web site. Therefore, it is known as the breadcrumb or eyebrow navigation control.

80. Where is the ViewState information stored?
The ViewState information is stored in the HTML hidden fields.

81. Which namespaces are necessary to create a localized application?
The System.Globalization and System.Resources namespaces are essential to develop a localized application.

82. What is the difference between an HtmlInputCheckBox control and an HtmlInputRadioButton control?
You can select more than one HtmlInputCheckBox control from a group of HtmlInputCheckBox controls; whereas, you can select only a single HtmllnputRadioButton control from a group ofHtmlInputRadioButton controls.

83. What is the difference between HTML and Web server controls?
HTML controls are client-side controls; therefore, all the validations for HTML controls are performed at the client side. On the other hand, Web server controls are server-side controls; therefore, all the validations for Web server controls are performed at the server side.

84. Explain the AdRotator Control.
The AdRotator is an ASP.NET control that is used to provide advertisements to Web pages. The AdRotatorcontrol associates with one or many advertisements, which randomly displays one by one at a time when the Web page is refreshed. The AdRotator control advertisements are associated with links; therefore, when you click on an advertisement, it redirects you to other pages.
The AdRotator control is associated with a data source, which is normally an xml file or a database table. A data source contains all the information, such as advertisement graphics reference, link, and alternate text. Therefore, when you use the AdRotator control, you should first create a data source and then associate it with the AdRotator control.

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