asp.net91. How many types of Cookies are available in ASP.NET?
There are two types of Cookies available in ASP.NET:
Session Cookie – Resides on the client machine for a single session until the user does not log out.
Persistent Cookie – Resides on a user’s machine for a period specified for its expiry, such as 10 days, one month, and never.
The user can set this period manually.

92. What is the use of the Global.asax file?
The Global.asax file executes application-level events and sets application-level variables.

93. What are the Culture and UICulture values?

The Culture value determines the functions, such as Date and Currency, which are used to format data and numbers in a Web page. The UICulture value determines the resources, such as strings or images, which are loaded for a Web page in a Web application.

94. What is the difference between ASP session and ASP.NET session?
ASP does not support cookie-less sessions; whereas, ASP.NET does. In addition, the ASP.NET session can span across multiple servers.

95. Which control will you use to ensure that the values in two different controls match?
You should use the CompareValidator control to ensure that the values in two different controls match.

96. What is the difference between a page theme and a global theme?
A page theme is stored inside a subfolder of the App_Themes folder of a project and applied to individual Web pages of that project. Global themes are stored inside the Themes folder on a Web server and apply to all the Web applications on the Web server.

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