asp.net43. How can you implement the postback property of an ASP.NET control?
You need to set the AutoPostBack property to True to implement the PostBack property of controls.

44. Explain how Cookies work. Give an example of Cookie abuse.
The server tells the browser to put some files in a cookie, and the client then sends all the cookies for the domain in each request. An example of cookie abuse is large cookies affecting the network traffic.

45. Explain login controls.
Login controls are built-in controls in ASP.Net for providing a login solution to ASP.NET application. The login controls use the membership system to authenticate a user credentials for a Web site.
There are many controls in login controls.
ChangePassword control – Allows users to change their password.
CreateUserWizard control – Provides an interface to the user to register for that Web site.
Login control – Provides an interface for user authentication. It consists of a set of controls, such asTextBox, Label, Button, CheckBox, HyperLink.
LoginView control – Displays appropriate information to different users according to the user’s status.
LoginStatus control – Shows a login link to users, who are not authenticated and logout link, who are authenticated
LoginName control – Displays a user name, if the user logs in.
PasswordRecovery control – Allows users to get back the password through an e-mail, if they forget.

46. What is the use of PlaceHolder control? Can we see it at runtime?

The PlaceHolder control acts as a container for those controls that are dynamically generated at runtime. We cannot see it at runtime because it does not produce any visible output. It used only as a container.

47. What setting must be added in the configuration file to deny a particular user from accessing the secured resources?
To deny a particular user form accessing the secured resources, the web.config file must contain the following code:
<authorization >
<deny users=”username” />

48. What are the event handlers that can be included in the Global.asax file?
The Global.asax file contains some of the following important event handlers:

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