Calculating Age From Birth Date

Answer for Calculating Age From Birth Date : Formula Code: IF(MONTH(TODAY())>MONTH(DOB_API),YEAR(TODAY())-YEAR(DOB_API),IF(AND(MONTH(TODAY())=MONTH(DOB_API),DAY(TODAY())>=DAY(DOB_API)),YEAR(TODAY())-YEAR(DOB_API),(YEAR(TODAY())-YEAR(DOB_API))-1))  First simply if the month of present year is greater than date of birth than age will be calculated as the difference between present year and year of birth.Secondly…

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APEX Visual Force

Inserting sObject Dynamically in Salesforce

How I can insert sObject record dynamically? Visualforce Page code :                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Apex Code : public class InsertDynamicSobjectController{    public String ObjectName {get; set;}   …

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