Bulk Enabled Triggers in Salesforce:

it is strongly recommended that you make it bulk enabled, so that the trigger can handle number of records whcih can be inserted/updated/deleted through data loader or any other data migration tool.

Here is the Bulk trigger Example:

Trigger myTrigger on Account(after update)
    Set <Id> setAccId = new Set<Id>();

    for(Account a: Trigger.new)
            setAccId.add(a.Id);//set always contains distinct Ids
    list <Opportunity> lstOpp = [select Id, StageName from Opportunity where AccountId in : setAccId];
    for(Integer i = 0; i < lstOpp.size(); i++) {
        lstOpp[i].StageName = "Learning";
    if(lstOpp.size() > 0)
        update lstOpp;


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