Insert Document in Attachment Object using Visualforce and Apex Class

Apex Class : //insertAttachment public with sharing class insertAttachment {    public blob attachVal {get; set;}    public string attachName {get; set;}    public Id AttachId;        public insertAttachment() {        AttachId = ApexPages.CurrentPage().getParameters().get(‘Id’);    }        public PageReference insertNewFile() {        try {            delete [select…

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List of Standard Objects in Salesforce

List of Standard Objects in Salesforce Here is the list for Salesforce Standard Objects: Account AccountContactRole AccountFeed AccountHistory AccountOwnerSharingRule AccountPartner AccountShare AccountTag AccountTeamMember AccountTerritoryAssignmentRule AccountTerritoryAssignmentRuleItem AccountTerritorySharingRule ActivityHistory AdditionalNumber ApexClass ApexComponent ApexLog ApexPage ApexTrigger Approval Asset AssetFeed AssetTag AssignmentRule Attachment Bookmark…

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