Clone Accounts and Related Records Using Salesforce Flow – Andrew Fragias

This demo video walks through an example of how you can Clone Accounts and Related Records Using Salesforce Flow.

Every wondered how to have an enhanced clone feature on your Account records? Look no further this Screen flow example highlights how you can have an enhanced clone action that also allows user input and can apply to specific subsets of related objects.

Key Features: Create a Text Variable called recordId to store the Id of the record that the flow was launched from Screen Flow.

Here Used following Salesforce Flow Resources & Elements to achieve Clone Accounts and Related Records Using Salesforce Flow

  • Screen Flow (Added Checkbox Option that user to select which particular records to clone)
  • Variables (Capture Record Id using recordId Variable, data type as TEXT)
  • Get Records (Get the Account Records while passing the recordId Variable)
  • Screen Flow (Used Section (Beta) to display the fields in the split columns)
  • Create Records (Create New Account Record, Mapped the fields to create a new records in Salesforce)
  • Decision Elements (To Identify the Related Records to clone)
  • Loop Variables
  • Assignment
  • Create Records
  • Created (Clone Account) Actions from Account objects to Invoke the Screen Flow (Action Type as Flow)
  • Enabled the Clone Account Actions in Account Page Layout

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