Difference between Tabular, Summary and Matrix Salesforce Reports

SFDC Reports (Difference b/w Tabular, Summary, Matrix Reports)

There are 3 kinds of reports in salesforce.com

1) Tabular Reports
2) Summary Reports
3) Matrix Reports

Tabular Reports:- These kind of reports are used when the requirement is just to view the data.
Some of the examples are:-

  • Show me all Open Opportunities
  • Show me List of all Accounts which do not have any closed opportunity
  • Show me top 10 Opportunities by revenue

Dashboards can not be created on Tabular Reports :- Salesforce ADM 201 certification question

Summary Reports:- These reports are used when the requirement is to summarize only X Axis. In short if you need to do the sum or calculate the average on even one parameter then summary report is the answer.
Some of the examples are:-

  • Show sum of all Open Opportunities
  • Show opportunities sub total bu my Team

Matrix Reports:- These reports are used when the requirement is to summarize both the Axis i.e. when requirement is to group both Rows as well as Columns.
Some of the examples are:-

  • Show Accounts grouped as Customer or Prospect depending on the opportunity stage
  • Show monthly performance of salesteam on closing opportunity by Geography for current year

Note:- Charts can not be made on Tabular Reports as no grouping of data is available

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