drools1.What is Drool?
Drool is one of the business rule management systems or BRMS that has forward and backward chaining inference based rule engine.

2.What is other nomenclature for Drool?
Drool is also known as production rule system that uses enhanced implementation of Rete algorithm.

3.What is meant by Knowledge is Everything or KIE?
KIE is the new umbrella name to the systems set like drools, jBPM, optaPlanner, Guvnor, and uberFire and such other technologies.

4.What is the standard supported by Drool?
Drool supports JSR-94 standards for the business rule engine. It also supports enterprise framework for construction, enforcement, as well as maintenance of business policies.

5.What is JBoss Enterprise BRMS?
JBoss Enterprise BRMS is the reasoning engine for policy and rule developments for business. It also manages access and changes.

6.What is the productized version of Drools?
JBoss Enterprise BRMS is the productized version of Drools and it has enterprise level support.

7.What are the components of JBoss Enterprise Version?
The components of JBoss Enterprise Version are JBoss Enterprise web platform, JBoss Enterprise application of SOA platform, Business Rules Engine, and Business Rules Manager.

8.What are the features of JBoss Enterprise Web Platform?
The JBoss Enterprise Web Platform is the software infrastructure that supports the running of BRMS components.

9.What are the features of JBoss Enterprise Application or SOA Platform?
It is the application software structure in the system that supports running of BRMS components.

10.Who use the Business Rules Engine?
Drools experts use the Business Rules Engine through Rete algorithm and Drools Rule Language (DLR).

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