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Dynamic SOSL (Sales force Object Search Language) refers to the creation of a SOSL string at runtime with an Apex script. Dynamic SOSL enables you to create more flexible applications which are most beneficial in sales force.
For example, you can create a search based on input from an end user, or update records with varying field names. To create a dynamic SOSL query at online casino australia runtime, use the search query method.
Dynamic SOSL e.g:
List> mySOSLQuery = search. query (SOSL_search_string);
The following example exercises a simple SOSL query string.
String searchqueryString=’FIND\’Edge*\’IN ALL FIELDS RETURNING
Account (id, name, address), Contact, Lead’;
Dynamic SOSL statements evaluate to a list of lists of salesforce Objects, where each list contains the search results for a particular sObject types.

The result lists are always returned in the same order as they were specified in the dynamic SOSL query. From the example

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above, the results from Account are first, then Contact, then Lead.



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