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Field Set in Salesforce:
     Field set is a grouping of fields. You can use Dynamic bindings to display field sets in VF page. For example we have created Field Set on Contact object and add Account Name, First Name, Last etc. Then we can use in VF page.
*Note: Field Set is available for VF pages on API version 21.0 or above.
How to create Field Set?
Go to Set Up>Select Object>Click on Field Set
Enter:  Field Set Label>——— (Write Field set label)
           Field Set Name>——— (same as Label)
           Where is this used? —— (Description)
   Click on Save>
  Click on Edit> Page Layout open
1. Available for the Field Set: A list of fields available for this Field Set. The fields can be moved into online casinos the Field Set and rendered on a Visualforce page. Administrators can display the field after the field set is deployed by moving it from the Available column to the In the Field Set column.
2. In the Field Set: A list of fields that are in the Field Set and rendered on the Visualforce page. This is contains field names e.g Account Name, First Name, etc. upto 50 fields.
Drag and drop fields in ‘In the Field Set’.
Click on Save.
Apex Page:
Data Type



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