Need to do Totals of Stages in Opportunity for the entire org.

Thought Process:

  1. What are the columns involved? Answer: StageName and Count or Total
  2. What methods will we utilize to achieve these results? Answer: Group By SOQL Statement with Count.
  3. What UI to built this neat logic? Answer: Apex Controller and VisualForce Page
  4. Need to achieve this type of reporting for casino online the user:


  1. Use Eclipse IDE or SOQL Explorer to create your SOQL Statement.
  2. SELECT StageName, Count(Name) ce
    FROM Opportunity GROUP BY StageName


  3. Second create  Apex Controller name what you like I named it TTL_Lesson, with your logic

public class TTL_Lesson{

//Define your variables
public class OppStageHolder {
    public String OPP {get; set;}
    public Integer TTL_Opp {get; set;}
//Empty Array    
public OppStageHolder (){}
//Results will be placed within this List
public List queryResults{ get; set; }

//Your Page
public PageReference TTL() {

AggregateResult[] groupedResults = [SELECT StageName,

     Count(Name) ce FROM Opportunity
     GROUP BY StageName];  
System.Debug("zzavg "   groupedResults.size());
//Define your List
queryResults = new List();

for (AggregateResult ard : groupedResults)  {
OppStageHolder myObject = new OppStageHolder();
myObject.OPP = String.valueOf(ard.get(“StageName”));
myObject.TTL_Opp = (Integer) ard.get(“ce”);
return Page.TTL;


Now create your VF Page to call this and display it whenever the user clicks on this page:



End result is the image on top


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