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hbase11. What is the full form of YCSB?
YCSB stands for Yahoo! Cloud Serving Benchmark.

12. What is the use of YCSB?
It can be used to run comparable workloads against different storage systems.

13. Which operating system is supported by Hbase?
Hbase supports those OS which supports java like windows, Linux.

14. What is the most common file system of Hbase?
The most common file system of HBase is HDFS i.e. Hadoop distributed file system

15. Define Pseudodistributed mode?
A pseudodistributed mode is simply a distributed mode that is run on a single host.

16. What is regionserver?
It is a file which lists the known region server names.

17. Define MapReduce.
MapReduce as a process was designed to solve the problem of processing in excess of terabytes of data in a scalable way.

18. What are the operational commands of Hbase?
Operational commands of Hbase are Get, Delete, Put, Increment, and Scan.

19. Which code is used to open the connection in Hbase?
Following code is used to open a connection:
Configuration myConf = HBaseConfiguration.create();
HTableInterface usersTable = new HTable(myConf, “users”);

20. Which command is used to show the version?
Version command is used to show the version of hbase.
Syntax – hbase> version

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