hbase31. What is REST?
Rest stands for Representational State Transfer which defines the semantics so that the protocol can be used in a generic way to address remote resources. It also provides support for different message formats, offering many choices for a client application to communicate with the server.

32. Define Thrift?
Apache Thrift is written in C++, but provides schema compilers for many programming languages, including Java, C++, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and more.

33. What are the fundamental key structures of Hbase?
The fundamental key structures of Hbase are row key and column key.

34. What is JMX?
The Java Management Extensions technology is the standard for Java applications to export their status.

35. What is nagios?
Nagios is a very commonly used support tool for gaining qualitative data regarding cluster status. It polls current metrics on a regular basis and compares them with given thresholds.

36. What is the syntax of describe Command?
The syntax of describe command is –
hbase> describe tablename

37. What the use is of exists command?
exists command is used to check that the specified table is exists or not.

38. What is the use of MasterServer?
MasterServer is used to assign a region to the region server and also handle the load balancing.

39. What is HBase Shell?
HBase shell is a java API by which we communicate with Hbase.

40. What is the use of ZooKeeper?
The zookeeper is used to maintain the configuration information and communication between region servers and clients. It also provides distributed synchronization.

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