hbase41. Define catalog tables in Hbase?
Catalog tables are used to maintain the metadata information.

42. Define cell in hbase?
Cell is a smallest unit of hbase table which stores the data in the form of tuple.

43. Define compaction in Hbase?
Compaction is a process which is used to merge the Hfiles into the one file and after the merging file is created and then old file is deleted.

44. What is the use of HColumnDescriptor class?
HColumnDescriptor stores the information about a column family like compression settings , Number of versions etc.

45. What is the function of HMaster?
It is a MasterServer which is responsible for monitoring all regionserver instances in a cluster.

46. How many compaction types are in Hbase?
There are two types of Compaction i.e. Minor Compaction and Major Compaction.

47. Define HRegionServer in Hbase
It is a RegionServer implementation which is responsible for managing and serving regions.

48. Which filter accepts the pagesize as the parameter in hbase?
PageFilter accepts the pagesize as the parameter.

49. Which method is used to access HFile directly without using HBase?
HFile.main() method used to access HFile directly without using HBase.
50. Which type of data hbase can store?
Hbase can store any type of data that can be converted into the bytes.

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