How to generate the reports that list of all the Knowledge Users and Service Cloud licenses?

Its not possible to generate the reports for Knowledge users, Service Cloud user  but using DataLoader or SOQL Query its achievable.

UserPermissionsKnowledgeUser (Knowledge User) – whether the user is enabled to use Salesforce Knowledge (TRUE) or not (FALSE).
UserPermissionsMarketingUser (Marketing User) – whether the user is enabled to manage campaigns in the user interface (TRUE) or not (FALSE).
UserPermissionsMobileUser (Apex Mobile User) –  whether the user is allocated one Salesforce Classic license (TRUE) or not (FALSE).
UserPermissionsSFContentUser (Salesforce CRM Content User) – whether the user is allocated one Salesforce CRM Content User License (TRUE) or not (FALSE).
UserPermissionsSupportUser (Salesforce console) – whether the user is allocated one Service Cloud User License (TRUE) or not (FALSE).
UserPermissionsOfflineUser (Offline User) – whether the user is enabled to use Offline Edition (TRUE) or not (FALSE).
UserPermissionsInteractionUser ( Flow User) – whether the user can run flows (TRUE) or not (FALSE).
UserPermissionsChatterAnswersUser (Chatter Answers) –    whether the portal user is enabled to use the Chatter Answers feature (TRUE) or not (FALSE).

For More details about Salesforce User Objects Fields please click the below link:

List of User Licenses in Salesforce:

Chatter Free
Chatter External
Overage Customer Portal Manager Custom
Gold Partner
Chatter Only

List of  Feature Licenses in Salesforce:

Marketing User
Offline User
Knowledge User
Salesforce CRM Content User Flow User
Service Cloud User
Chatter Answers User


Select Id, Username, Name, Email, UserPermissionsMarketingUser, UserPermissionsOfflineUser, UserPermissionsMobileUser, UserPermissionsSFContentUser, UserPermissionsKnowledgeUser, UserPermissionsSupportUser, UserPermissionsChatterAnswersUser FROM User

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