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How to Stop Apex Scheduled jobs in Salesforce

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How to Stop Apex Scheduled jobs in Salesforce

System.abortJob(Id) can do this. Simply pass in the Id of the CronTrigger for the job in question.

You’ll note the docs specifically mention System.schedule results can be passed in, which would represent the scheduled job id; this same value can be obtained from the CronTrigger table.

Its possible using the below piece of code:
Run the following piece of code in your salesforce org developer console to deactivate any active jobs
-> Go to developer console> Debug (from top menu)> Open Execute Anonymous Window.

Paste below code and hit Execute:

for (CronTrigger job : [SELECT Id, NextFireTime FROM CronTrigger WHERE State in ('WAITING','ACQUIRED','EXECUTING') OR NextFireTime != NULL]) {



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