I came across a issue where visualforce does not allow one to Count or Sum records in cialis free trial a page.
One solution would be to add more code to the controller to do a count of the records. Which is ok.
A simple solution cialis price is to use the apex variable function in Visualforce.Solution:

  1. Lets do it off Contacts
  2. In viagra coupon your Apex Controller : Create a SOQL query as is:

public class countcontroller{
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public List queryResult {get;private set;}
public String qryString {get;set;}
public PageReference query(){ qryString cialis coupon = “SELECT Name, Email, Phone from Contact”;
queryResult = Database.query(qryString);
return null;

Pretty Simple and Straight Forward.
Now for the VF Page and Magic:
You will see I  use the apex variable function to do a couple of things:

create a variable run the query inside that variable counting all the records by 1 within cialis covered by health insurance  a repeat tag calling the variable with the total Kind of like a for Loop but in Visualforce instead of controller. 


Total Contacts Returned:

Output: Total Contacts Returned: 10

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