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List Of API Package in Java

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by September 24, 2015 Java
  • For input and output of data.
  • java.lang: It is used for providing core functionality.
  • java.lang.ref: It is used to enable interaction with garbage collector.
  • java.lang.reflect: It is used to analyze code at run time.
  • java.applet: For creating applets.
  • java.awt: Abstract Window Toolkit package for GUI (Graphical User Interface)
  • java.awt.color: For color space and profile.
  • java.awt.datatransfer: To transfer data, to and from, system clipboard.
  • java.awt.dnd: For drag and drop tasks.
  • java.awt.event: For handling events.
  • java.awt.font: For fonts.
  • java.awt.geom: For geometric shapes.
  • To text edit components for Japanese, Chinese, and Korean characters.
  • For support of alternative input devices.
  • java.awt.image: For processing images.
  • java.awt.image.renderable: To render independent images.
  • java.awt.print: For print functions.
  • java.beans: For creating software components.
  • java.beans.beancontext: Support for execution environment for beans.
  • java.math: For handling integers and decimals.
  • For networking.
  • java.nio: For handling buffers.
  • java.nio.channels: For handling channels.
  • java.nio.channels.spi: For handling service providers for channels.
  • java.sql: For communicating with a Structured Query Language (SQL) database.
  • java.text: For format, search, and manipulation of text.
  • java.util: For common utilities.
  • java.util.jar: To create and read JAR files.
  • java.util.logging: To log information, related to the execution of a program.
  • java.util.prefs:  For info related to user preference.
  • java.util.regex: For processing regular expression.
  • To read and write compressed and uncompressed ZIP files.
  • java.nio.charset: For character sets.
  • java.nio.charset.spi: For service providers for charsets.
  • java.rmi: For remote method invocation.
  • java.rmi.activation: For activation of persistent objects.
  • java.rmi.dgc: For distributed garbage collection.
  • java.rmi.registry: To map names to remote object reference.
  • java.rmi.server: Support for remote method invocation.
  • For handling security functions like keys, digests, signatures, certificates, etc.
  • To manage access control lists.
  • To parse and manage certificates.
  • To define interface for Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA) keys.
  • For specifying key and algorithm parameters.



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