Listing the issues while generating the apex class from WSDL Document in salesforce

It’s difficult to connect to external webservices without the following basic features.

1) Salesforce doesn’t support the WSDL SOAP1.2 Version.
2) Without a wsdl binding (wsdl:binding), it is not possible to call a Web Service.
3) It does not support multiple WSDL bindings (wsdl:binding).
4) Inheritance is not supported in wsdl to APEX conversion
5) Enumeration Object types are not supported.
6) WSDL Import functionality is not supported.

How to generate the Apex class using WSDL file in salesforce?

An Apex class can be automatically generated from a WSDL file that is stored on a local system or network
Below is the path To access this functionality:

1) from Setup, click Develop -> Apex Classes.
2) Click Generate from WSDL button.
3) Click Browse to navigate to a WSDL file on your local system or network.
4) Done.

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