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qtp41.Using QTP, how to export a Script from one PC to another?
You can create a ZIP file of the scripts into your source computer that can be imported into QTP’s destination computer by using the “Generate Script” function. To avail this function, go to the Object Identification Test Settings Tools/Options tab.

42.In your system, can you open two instance of QTP to work for?
No! We can’t open two instance of QTP in a single machine to work for, but QTP itself can work on multiple instances of the Application Under Test (AUT) and handles multiple IE browser windows simultaneously.

43.How to import/export xls into QTP?
Syntax to import xls into QTP −

DataTable.ImportSheet “..\..\TestData\Input.xls”,1,dtGlobalSheet

Syntax to export xls into QTP,

DataTable.ExportSheet “..\..\Results\Output.xls”,”Global”

44.What is SetToProperty?
SetToProperty is a standard method of QTP that temporarily changes the property of an object stored in the Object Repository.

45.In QTP, what is the standard timing delay for web based application?
The standard timing delay for web based application is 60 second that can be changed by Test Settings dialog box.

46.In UFT, how to write data to excel file?
The correct syntax to write data to excel file in UFT is −

filepath = “C:\Bugs\Reports.xlsx”
Set objExcel = CreateObject(“Excel.Application”)
objExcel.Visible = True
Set Wb= objExcel.Workbooks.Open (filepath)
Wb.worksheets(1).Cells(1,1).Value = “TutorialPoints” read value from Excel file

47.How to create TSR file in UFT?
TSR stands for Test Shared Repository, used to share object repositories.

Follow the given below steps to generate TSR file −

First, open object repository, and then go to file menu. Next, export local objects option and select it. UFT will open dialog box to save.tsr file; give the desired path to save the file.

The above steps will generate the .tsr file in UFT.

48.What is the Action Conversion Tool?
It is a standard built-in tool delivered by QTP to convert Actions into Business Process Components.

49.In UFT, How to get total number of rows of the webtable?
UFT provides three ways to get the count of rows from the webtable.

Using webtable object’s property − rowcount

Using GetROProperty


50.In UFT, what are the ways to export datatable to excel?
There are two ways to export data-table to excel −

DataTable.Export (“C:\export.xls”)

DataTable.ExportSheet “C:\mysheet.xls” ( creates the new file in the absence of excel file)

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