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Queue Concept in Salesforce

Queues permit groups of users to manage a shared workload more effectively means once the record get submitted my user (Standard/Partner) other Queue member will work on this record. A queue is a location where records can be routed

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to await processing by a group member also we can add group casino online or individual users. The records remain in the queue until a user accepts them for the processing or they are transferred to another queue. You can specify the set of objects that are supported by each queue, as well as the set of users that are allowed to retrieve records from the queue.

Steps to create Queue:
  1. Go to Setup>Administrator Setup >Manage Users > Queues > New
  2. Enter Queue Name and if you need to get email to all Queue members than select the Send Email to Queue Members.
  3. Select Custom object Add.
  4. Queue Members select User on Search and Add Group wise or Role wise or Profile etc.
  5. Save
After creating the Queue click on View All Users on section of Queue members. We can view active users and login with any of user and work on this record.
Most of the time client wants when record gets submit by any portal or standard user than this record rout to the Queue means only Queue member can work on this record also sends the email for further action or delay on work.
For example user has created one of Sales record in APAC Theater. So APAC Queue will assign either by Code or Approval Process etc. Now APAC Queue Member can work on this record.



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