My Goals for 2022 #SeizetheTrail (its mix of #personalgoal and giving back to #trailblazercommunity )
here is my goal 2022 🙂
1. Try to Become a 10x Ranger
2. Completing 2 or 3 more Trailhead Superbadges
3. Completing Integration Architect Certification
4. Completing few Partner Certification
5. Organizing Trailblazer Community Group event on every month –

6. Continue to learning & sharing my learning to community either my blog post ( or video post (

7. Try to participate Parkrun every week and encourage others to join & participate actively (

Seize the Trail Quest 2022 – This annual #Trailhead Quest will take you on a journey to learn in-demand Salesforce skills and connect to the Trailblazer community.


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2x Salesforce MVP | Platform Champion | 18x Salesforce Certified | MuleSoft Certified | 8x Trailhead Ranger | TechForce Services | Sydney | Australia

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