Salesforce-Certified-Platform-App-BuilderSalesforce App Builder Dumps Certification Question and Answers – Part 1

1) Universal containers has included its orders as an external data object into Salesforce. You want to create a relationship between Accounts and the Orders object (one-to-many relationship) leveraging a key field for account which is on both external object and Account. Which relationship do you create:
a) Lookup Relationship
b) Master Detail Relationship
c) Hierarchical Relationship
d) external Lookup Relationship
E) indirect Lookup Relationship

2) Universal Container want to store an area code and wants to be able to search for it in applications (apex). Which are possible fields to store the data (choose 2):
a) Text
b) Phone
c) Email
d) Multi Picklist
e) Number (A, E – after creating an index on the number field)

3) You want to use an External Data Object Table from Heroku carrying Product Category information. The data need to be included in Salesforce and searchable. What do you have to do before you can use the connection (choose two):
a) press “validate and sync”
b) choose “include in Salesforce searches” option
c) choose “include as index field”
d) URL / choose the URL (?) (A-B-D—see explainations)

4) Universal containers has a custom object that has a N:M relationship with opportunityLineItem carrying price and amount information. In order to compute total amounts and total prices per Opportunity using Rollup summary fields, what field type will you use (choose one)
a) Junction
b) Master-Detail
c) Lookup
d) Crossobject (B-A-See explanation)

5) Universal Container installes an unmanaged package. Which of the following are true: (choose 2):
a) Components of unmanaged packages can be edited
b) Unmanaged packages can be upgraded
c) Unmanaged packages have a namespace prefix
d) Unmanaged packages don’t have a version number
e) Tests are executed during deployment (A-D)

6) Describe the capabilities of this core CRM object in the Salesforce schema: Person accounts (Choose 2)
a) Does use space in both account and contact table
b) Have the same icon as business accounts
c) Can only be merged with other person accounts
d) Are enabled by default
e) Are enabled via featured license

7) Universal Containers wants to rollout new product bundles with several pricing options. Pricing options include product-price bundles, account specific pricing and more. Which product satisfies these needs?
a) Custom AppExchange App for product pricing
b) Workflow on Opportunity/Opportunity Product
c) Formula fields on Opportunity/Opportunity product
d) Lightning Process Builder

8) Object specific actions can not be added. Visualforce needs to be embedded into a Lightning page. Universal Containers has a custom object “Service” which has a lookup relationship to Account. Universal Containers wants to enhance Salesforce1 with an action that allows account managers to enter a new Service to an Account while looking at the Account. How can Universal Containers accomplish this?
a) Enter an object specific action to Account and put it on the Account layout
b) Enter an object specific action to Service and put it in the Account Layout
c) Enter an object specific action to Service and put it in the Service Layout
d) Enter an object specific action to Account and put it in the Service Layout

9) Universal Containers is using assignment rules to distribute cases to regional teams. Which of the following are true?
a) It is possible to have multiple active assignment rules.
b) Cases may be assigned to public groups (if configured)
c) Cases may be assigned to queues (if configured)
d) A workflow field update can be used instead

10) When should a system administrator consider using the Salesforce AppExchange? (Choose 2)
a) When standard Salesforce functionality needs to be extended
b) To find answers to Salesforce application questions
c) When looking for pre-built custom applications and tools
d) To submit ideas for Salesforce application enhancements

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