Salesforce-Certified-Platform-App-BuilderSalesforce App Builder Dumps Certification Question and Answers – Part 4

31) Which components can be added to a lightning app on custom Object? (choose 3)
a) Visualforce
b) Standard Lightning component
c) Custom Lightning component
d) Global actions
e) Object specific actions on the custom object

32) In order to create an App Launcher component in Lightning what must an admin do?
a) Contact Salesforce to have the component activated for the Lightning App Builder.
b) Navigate to Setup-Customize-User Interface to enable the component for the Lightning App Builder.
c) Purchase a license for the Lightning App Builder.
d) Join the pilot Lightning App Builder team

33) Identify the standard Lightning components. (choose three)
a) List View
b) Rich Text
c) Visualforce Page
d) Reports
e) Dashboards

34) You can create global actions to let users create which of the following records? (choose three)
a) Event (without invitees)
b) Opportunity
c) Question
d) Users
e) Chatter posts
f) Products

35) What standard Chatter actions (Post, File, Link, Poll, and Thanks) appear on the user profile page, regardless of the actions in the User page layout? (choose three)
a) Post
b) File
c) Poll
d) Create
e) Email

36) When a user creates a record by using an object-specific create action, what feed item for that record appears?
a) In the Chatter feed of the user who created the record
b) As the first entry in the feed for the new record
c) In the feed for the record on which the new record was created
d) In the user profile feed for all users who can view the record
e) In the Chatter feed of teh first user who follows the record on which the record was created

37) To enable the Publisher Actions area on Page Layouts, navigate to
a) Setup | Customize | Chatter | Settings
b) Setup | Customize | Feeds | Settings
c) Setup | Customize | <Objects> | Settings
d) Setup | Customize | Actions | Settings

38) A developer has completed work in the sandbox and is ready to send it to a related org, what deployment tool should be used ?
a) Change Sets
b) IDE
c) Unmanaged Packages
d) Migration tool

39) You have created a workflow rule to send an email in your configuration sandbox. For some reason its not working, what should you double check? (Choose 2)
a) You have the correct email address
b) HTML does not work in sandbox, make sure your email has no HTML
c) Check the deliverability settings
d) Look at the system audit trail

40) Universal Container installs an unmanaged package. Which of the following are true? (choose 2
a) Components of unmanaged packages can be edited
b) Unmanaged packages can be upgraded
c) Unmanaged packages have a namespace prefix
d) Unmanaged packages don’t have a version number
e) Tests are executed during deployment

41) Which deployment tools will you use to deploy metadata from one organization to another organization?
a) Change sets
b) IDE
c) Unmanaged Packages

42) What tools you need to use to migrate Metadata to Two Different Production Orgs? (Choose 3)
a) Force.Com IDE
b) Force.Com Migration Toolc
c) Change Set
d) Data Loader
e) Unmanaged Package


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