Salesforce Business Logic Questions

1. Formula field data type cannot be?
a. Radio button
b. Text
c. Date
d. Date/time
e. Currency
f. Number
g. Percent

2. Where will you use the Process Visualizer in
a. To view the Approval Process
b. To View the Page Layout
c. To View Field Level Security
d. To View Records

3. How do you find that the Approval Process is edited, select two choices:
a. Last Modified By
b. Audit trail or History Record on Approval page layout
c. Debug Log
d. System Log

4. Which field is available in translation work bench?
a. Error
b. Encrypted Field
c. description
d. formula

5. There is a custom date field on a particular object. How will you validate the field so that the date you entered belongs to the current year?
a. Using Validation rules
b. Using Formula Fields
c. Using Rollup Summary Fields
d. Dependent Pick lists

6. What does out of the box Salesforce give you?
a. Approval process
b. Workflow Rule
c. Validation Rule
d. Assignment Rule

7. Within an approval process what can be used to configure the list of initial submitter? Select 2 choices:

a. Public group
b. Role and subordinates
c. System Admin
d. Queues

8. Which aspect of an application is addressed in the logic layer? Select two answers,

a. customized UI,
b. extensible data model
c. Data entry validation
d. process automation

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