Salesforce Business Logic Scenario Based Questions and Answers

1. In the Positions object user is entering the city and zip code values, we need to validate the city and zip code values with my custom object. Please select any one option?
a. Validation Rule with VLookup function
b. Validation Rule with Cross-Object Formula
c. Workflow Rule
d. Formula field with VLookup function

2. If the amount is less than 10000USD then no need of any approval or else it has to be approved from VP. How do you achieve this in
a. By Creating a parallel approval process
b. By Creating a dynamic approval process
c. By Creating Validation Rule
d. Create Approval Process

3. Whenever the job application status is approved then the salary has to be entered, how do you achieve this?
a. Create a validation rule if the status is approved and salary is null
b. Create a formula if the status is approved and salary is null
c. Make Salary Field as Required in Job Application object Page layout
d. Make Salary Field as Required in Salary object Page layout

4. Time-dependent workflow will not work when workflow evaluation criteria is
a. Only when a Record is created
b. Every time a record is created or edited
c. Every kind of workflow evaluation criteria
d. When a Record is edited and it did not previously meet the rule criteria

5. How to test time dependent workflow functionality is properly running or not? Select 2 Answers:
a. Activate History Related List
b. Bug History Related List
c. Debug Log
d. Time Based WF queue

6. In a custom recruiting application, position & candidate are stored in separate custom object. When looking at the detail of position object record, a hiring manager needs to see a list of recommended candidate instead of all candidates, based on matching job skills. How a developer could meet this requirement.

a. Lookup
b. Dashboard
c. candidate related list
d. Inline VF

7. In a recruiting application a custom job application object has a lookup to custom object. These candidate object stores personal candidate information, including name, email about the individual applying for the job. The recruiting organization would like to see the candidate, name and email information on each related job application record. How a developer could meet this requirement.
a. Cross object formula
b. Validation Rule
c. Workflow Rule
d. None

8. In a recruiting application, there is an approval process on position. First manager is supposed to approve, then somebody else has to approve in the next step and finally the VP has to approve. Which features of you would like to use?

a. normal approval process
b. dynamic approval process
c. validation rule
d. WF

9. Interviewer and Job Applications are detail objects of the Master object Position. We want certain set of users NOT to have access to the Interviewer Records which was not created by them. What needs to be done to achieve it?

a. Set all the CRUD access Unchecked for those particular users
b. Set OWD for Interviewer as private
c. Remove those users from the Role Hierarchy
d. None of the above

10. In a workflow based on Job Application, while defining the Rule Criteria, what forces you to choose “formula evaluates to true” option instead of the “criteria are met”?

a. Check if the Job Application Status is equal to “Selected”
b. Check if the status has changed
c. Check if the current User Profile is “System Admin”
d. Check if the status field in the Position is “Open”

11. How can we traverse using formula fields?

a. We can bring values Only from parent to child
b. We can bring values Only from Child to Parent
c. Both
d. None of the above

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