Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I – Summer ’16 Release Exam

1. Which action should be taken to allow an external object to be searchable via SOQL?

A. Enable the “Is Searchable” checkbox on the object.
B. Use the Search.QueryExternal() method.
C. Request a custom index from Salesforce Support.
D. Enable the “Allow Search” checkbox on the object.

2. Which three Metadata Components can be deployed via change sets?
(Choose 3 Answers)

A. Lightning Application.
B. Lightning Component.
C. Wave Dashboard.
D. Global Picklist.
E. Wave Application.

3. Which two features can be used to prevent values from being selected in a picklist?
(Choose 2 Answers)

A. Validation Rules.
B. Validated Picklists.
C. Workflow Rules.
D. Restricted Picklists.
E. Filtered Picklists.

4. In which two Locations can you select and run an Apex Test in a Lightning Experience?
(Choose 2 Answers)

A. Apex Test History Page in Setup.
B. Testing API Page in Setup.
C. Apex Test Execution page in Setup.
D. Test menu in the Developer Console.
E. Apex Hammer Execution Status page in setup.

5. Which two objects can be queried with SOQL?
A. Lightning Component.
B. Dashboard Schedule.
C. Dashboard Refresh.
D. Dashboard Component.

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