Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I – Winter ’17 Release Exam

 Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I – Winter ’17 Release Exam

1) Name two required steps for enabling debug logging for unauthenticated Guest Users accessing public Sites. Choose 2 

A. Set the “Assigned Users” in the Site “Public Access Settings” to include the built-in Debug User
B. Install the Sites Page Inspector plugin for Chrome
C. Check the “Enable Guest Access Logging” checkbox option in Site Details
D. Set a browser cookie with a name value of “debug_logs” and a domain value of “”
E. Setup a new Trace Flag with a Traced Entity Type of ‘User’ that looks up to the Guest User for a Site

2) What are two ways to use the Lightning Design System in Lightning Apps? Choose 2 answers  

A. Copy and paste CSS classes from Lightning Design System to the CSS resource in the Application Bundle
B. Include an attribute with a name of “SLDS” of type “Boolean” that has a default value of true
C. Extend “force:slds” in the < aura:application > tag
D. Reference a Static Resource using “ltng:require”

3) In Process Builder, how can you make a process reusable and invoke it from other processes or action groups in the same process?

A. Check the Invocable Process checkbox option
B. Reference the process from an Apex method annotated with @InvocableMethod
C. No configuration is required because all processes become invocable in Winter ‘17
D. Select “It’s invoked by another process” from the “The process starts when” picklist

4) Which Base Lightning Component will display a number of buttons together in the same navigation bar?    

A. ui:buttons
B. lightning:buttonGroup
C. lightning:layout
D. ui:navigation

5) For how many days will the “Quick Deploy” option appear after a Change Set is successfully validated?

A. 10
B. 15
C. 4
D. 30

6) Which new option in Winter ‘17 improves sandbox creation by reducing the data in a Full sandbox?   

A. Data Compression
B. Template Optimizer
C. Login History
D. Content Version History

7) Which two interfaces can be implemented to enable a Lightning Component for Custom Actions?

A. aura:enableQuickAction
B. lightning:quickActionEnabled
C. force:lightningQuickActionWithoutHeader
D. force:lightningQuickAction
E. force:lightningQuickActionWithHeader

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