Salesforce Data Management Questions and Answers

1. Data loader import fails. Select two choices:
a) encrypted field setting
b) username and password is wrong
c) endpoint is wrong
d) Custom Field settings

2. The OWD setting for account is private. A manager resides above a team in the role hierarchy. The manager wants to share some of the account data with the team. Which feature can extend the viewing privileges for team to see other data? Select two choices:
a) report running user
b) report folder setting
c) dashboard running user
d) dashboard folder setting

3. Automate data load from SFDC at 2:00 AM. How?
a) Schedule manager of Import Wizard.
b) CLI of Data Loader.
c) Use Export Scheduler of Data Loader GUI.
d) Use Data Export Service

4. Which are true in Import Wizard?
a) It can de-duplicate record
b) Can Import, update, delete and export data.
c) Perform Matching based on record id only
d) It can provide success and error files in csv.

5. When would a developer use upsert and external IDs? Choose two answers.
a) To integrate with an external system
b) To migrate customizations from sandbox to production
c) To load related records without knowing Salesforce record IDs
d) To use the API to query for data

6. If you have to import 65000 records into your organization then you must use
a) Data Loader
b) Import Wizard
c) Both
d) None

7. Data loader can be run from Command line
a) True
b) False

8. Using Import Wizard can we delete the records?
a) Yes
b) No

9. Will import wizard give you the success and error log file
a) Yes
b) No

10. When you insert a record using API, which are the things need to consider
a) Universally required are respected
b) Validation rules are respected
c) Both
d) None

11. When you are doing an update, CSV file must contain
a) Salesforce Record Id
b) External ID
c) Both
d) None

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