Salesforce Developer 401 Certification Question and Answer

1) Using API Data Loader which of following things are considered ?(choose 2)

* Validiation Rules
* Required fields in sharing settings
* Apex Trigger
* Required fields on Page layout.

2)If review object has master-detail relationship with job application. Reviews records should not get deleted once job application is approved.?

3)Object B has lookup field to object A,object C has lookup field to object B,then how to access A records with c in reports.

* using Standard Report types.
* Creating custom Report type.
* creating normal report
* None of above.

4)View Encrypted field is enable for which profile (choose 1)

* Standard user Profile
* System Admin
* Read only
* None of Above

5)External id allowed for which field types.(choose two)

*Text Area

6)Create object Tab, what effects it has on home page Sidebar layout.(choose 2)

*Recent Items
*Search Layout
*Create new

7) Which options are related to data Base?(choose 3)

*custom Objects
*Custom Tabs
*Page Layout
*Master-Detail Relationship
*Custom Fields.

8)If Approval Process is modified, how user will know changes has made or not? (choose 2)

*In Debug log
*Set up Audit Trial
*Modified by Field
*one more option

9) Id’s are Identical where?

10)Model is related to ?

11)If Analytical snapshot is scheduled for a run. Which of following changes will not allow it to run.(choose 2)

* changing target object
* changing source object report to matrix
* creating trigger on source object
* creating Approval process on target object.

12) User X & user Y should able to see candidate records. But user Y should not able to see Address field. What should be done?

* Set candidate object to R/O & use manual sharing.
* use Fields level security
* using page layout
* one more option

13)Which of things is possible using Import Wizard.
*Import,Export,Update and Delete for all custom objects
*De-Duplication of records
*Schedule Import
*Only Importing Records.

14)Formula Field return types.

15)If object B has lookup field to Object A, then which thing is true about cross object formula?

*Access object A fields, Object B fields on Object A.
*Only Access Object B fields on object B.
*Access Object B fields, Object A fields, User fields on object B.
*None of the Above.

16)Using Data Loader, we want to load Data for Account, Contacts, User. What order we should follow?

*Account, contact,user
*user, contact, Account
*Any order
*User, Account, contact.

17)If we need to update records using Data loader which things are to be considered?

*Name Field
*Records Id’s
*created by,Modified By fields
*Owner Id’s

18)Roll up Summary on formula fields?
*Not Allowed.
*Depends on formula return types .
*All formula fields.

19)On Position Object we have one field department. So we want to see position records group by department. How is it possible?
*using Tabular report
*using Summary Report
*Using Matrix report
*None of above

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