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Below is the list of Salesforce Developer (401) Exam Questions and Most of the questions they asked from the below topics only,
1) What’s Process Visualizer
2) How to deal with Multiple Currency request
3) How does a Wire less user Approves a record (select 2)
Via email, via voice, via email, SF mobile
4) Features available for custom object (select 2)
Queues, Assignment rule, sharing rule, field history
5) Which std profile should have View encrypted data permission?
6) Not a component of force.com
Custom tab, data ware house, Custom Obj, default landing page
7) Which all instance have d same record id
a. No instance have d same record id
b. PROD and sandbox
c. Prod, DEV sandbox and Full copy sandbox only
d. Prod and Full copy SandBOx only
8) The requirement was to create a Radio button(RB) application in SF. Where a person must be able to rate an application with values 1-5 and these values must be Radio button.
What or how must a developer create it
a) Select a datatype of Radio button
b) Create a formula field and display as RB in PageLayout
c) Create a picklist and display value as a RB
d) Use the help from VF page
9) A controller represents which layer? (Model, View or control)
10) Object B have a look up to OBj A and C have a LOOk up to Obj B, how can we get the values of A and C in a report.
a) Create a report type A with B with C
b) Create a Report type ( A and B) with C
c) Report type A with C
d) Create a report type A and B and C

11) Match d following
a. DEV Tools and

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b. UI Appearance
c. Data Base Object
d. Logic task , assignment rule

12) How is tagging enabled? And something related to it.
13) How does an analytical Snapshot fail? (Select 2)
a. Not on target object
b. Report changes
c. Report not created by admin
d. Becoz of Apex trigger
e. User inactive
14) What all fields can be made in to External ID? Ans:- text, number, email
15) Default options available for Obj tab in a application
a. New side bar customize
b. Sidebar search
c. Reporting
d. Recent items
e. Quick create
16) What dashboard component used to view d Total? Select all..
a. Gauge
b. Chart
c. Scontrol/Visualforce
d. Table
17) How many Custom tabs? Ans:- VF, Web and Custom
18) A requirement in which we casino online need to compare Company Name and Company ID? The lone answer which came to me was VlookUp in Validation rule.
19) Question on Junction Object
20) Scenario is like… An a corresponding parent record need to be locked once the record is approved and we cannot add or delete the associated child record.
Ans:- workflow for field update and then the Validation rule using roll up summary field.
21) What all can be done in a Page lauout?
a. Required
b. Change picklist value
c. Dependency
d. Readonly
22) Question on Cross object formula. If 2 Obj say A and B have a look up relationship, A is Parent and B is child, while creating a cross obj formula which all object fields can we access? All parent object’s flds
23) Various case of application of approval process.
24) Scenario… by changing a stage a particular field in the Page layout must become visible?
a. formula field
b. VF
c. workflow and Record change new PL
d. validation rule
25) To find a grouping of date what type of report must be used
26) Which component of dashboard can be used for forecasting?
27) Question on conditional highlighting in reports
28) If an approval process id modified, how will we track d changes made in it and by the execution of approval process.
a. Last modified field in Approval process
b. Audit trail
c. Debug Log
d. Field history of the effected field
29) Time Trigger and its Storage Queue.
30) X and Y are two users. Both can view a particular Data, Of which Y should not see or report on a field called Email.
How can a developer accomplish dis?
a. Validation rule
b. Separate Page layout for both
c. Separate Profile
d. FLS
31) How many master detail relationships are possible per object.(ans 2)
32) What are the processes do not support in dataloader.(select 3)
a. Update and insert for the same record at a time.
b. Using JDBC connection.
c. Scheduling
d. Some other option
33) Suppose a developer is in analysis phase and he is asked to start the development, but there are no clarity on the visibility side and user side report side. What are the possible operations he can do so that he can continue the development without altering the current design?
a. Setting up validation rules.
b. Setting up sharing rules.
c. Setting up data model
d. Setting up dashboard
34) There are some 3-4 questions on visibility ..OWD and sharing model.
OWD is most restrictive.
35) What are the data types supported by Formula field
a. Currency,text,email,date date time.

36) If running user is inactive, is it possible to view the current data by using a

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dashboard(Ans :No).
37) Analytical snapshot is possible only through which types of reports?
38) A record is visible to all if status equals open, for other status’s it should be visible to only to a selected users. How this can be achieved?
39) A cross table with
a. UI development-View
b. Create object-Model
c. Tabs-View
d. Apex:- Business logic

40) X has a look up to Y, Z has a look up to X, so How the custom report type can build this relationship.
a. Y->X->Z
b. X->Z->Y
c. Z->X->Y
41) Questions on Approval process.
42) When a record is submitted for approval, locking can be applied by
a. Automatically it will apply
b. On approval action
c. On rejection action
d. On initial submission action

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