Salesforce Developer – Summer ’16 Release Exam

1. What are two capabilities of the Toasts entity with respect to user messages?
Choose 2 answers

A. Toast entities can be used in Visualforce to enhance user messages
B. Toast entities can provide multiple actions for the user in one message
C. Toast entities provide pre-configured toasts to customize the styling of your toast messages
D. Toast entities don’t stack messages when multiple messages are generated

2. What is true about Visualforce support in Lightning Experience?

A. Visualforce is not supported in Lightning Experience
B. Visualforce works under Lightning Experience with some changes required
C. All features of Visualforce are available in Lightning Experience
D. Visualforce in Lightning owns the whole page

3. Which two are true regarding Lightning Design Tokens?
Choose 2 answers

A. They define essential values of visual design
B. There can only be one token file created per Org
C. They are reused throughout Lightning component CSS resources
D. They cannot use Developer Console to Create Token Bundles

4. What are three new Objects?
Choose 3 answers

A. EmailMessageRelation
B. LinkedArticle
C. SharedContact
D. AccountContactRelation
E. EmailToObjectRelation

5. What are three ways a static resource can be referenced with the $Resource Global Value Provider?
Choose 3 answers

A. In Visualforce markup but not in Lightning Component
B. Use in Lightning Component javascript controller
C. Use In Lightning Component markup
D. In Lightning Component markup but not in Javascript controller
E. To reference Images, Stylesheets & Javascript files


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