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Salesforce Standard Object field IDs:

Below is the list of Salesforce Standard Objects and Field ID’s

Object Name Field Name Data Type ID
Account Account Name acc2
Account Site acc23
Account Number acc5
Type acc6
Industry acc7
Annual Revenue acc8
Account Currency acc24
Rating acc9
Phone acc10
Fax acc11
Website acc12
Ticker Symbol acc13
Ownership acc14
Employees acc15
SIC Code acc16
Billing Street acc17street
Billing City acc17city
Billing State/Province acc17state
Billing Zip/Postal Code acc17zip
Billing Country acc17country
Shipping Street acc18street
Shipping City acc18city
Shipping State/Province acc18state
Shipping Zip/Postal Code acc18zip
Shipping Country acc18country
Description acc20
Contact Salutation Picklist name_saluatationcon2
First Name name_firstcon2
Last Name name_lastcon2
Account ID con4_lkid
text con4_lkold
Title con5
Department con6
Birthdate con7
Reports To ID con8_lkid
Text con8_lkold
Lead Source con9
Contact Currency con21
Phone con10
Home Phone con13
Mobile con12
Other Phone con14
Fax con11
Email con15
Assistant con16
Asst. Phone con17
Email Opt Out con23
Mailing Street con19street
Mailing City con19city
Mailing State/Province con19state
Mailing Zip/Postal Code con19zip
Mailing Country con19country
Other Street con18street
Other City con18city
Other State/Province con18state
Other Zip/Postal Code con18zip
Other Country con18country
Description con20
Opportunity Name opp3
Account ID opp4_lkid
Text opp4_lkold
Type opp5
Lead Source opp6
Forecast Category ForecastCategory
Opportunity Currency opp16
Amount opp7
Close Date opp9
Next Step opp10
Stage opp11
Probability opp12
Campaign Source ID opp17_lkid
Text opp17_lkold
Description opp14
Contract Account ID ctrc7_lkid
Text ctrc7_lkold
Customer Signed By ID ctrc16_lkid
Text ctrc_lkold
Customer Signed Title CustomerSignedTitle
CustomerSignedTitle ctrc6
Contract Currency CurrencyIsoCode
Price Book ctrc17
Status ctrc15
Contract Start Date ctrc5
Contract Terms(months) ctrc40
Owner Expiration Notice ctrc13
Company Signed By ID CompanySigned_lkid
Text CompanySigned_lkold
Company Signed Date CompanySignedDate
Billing Street ctrc25street
Billing City ctrc25city
Billing State/Province ctrc25state
Billing Zip/Postal Code ctrc25zip
Billing Country ctrc25country
Special Terms SpecialTerms
Description Description
Case Contact ID cas3_lkid
Text cas3_lkold
Account cas4
Type cas5
Case Reason cas6
Case Currency cas24
Status cas7
Priority cas8
Case Origin cas11
Visible in Portal cas27
Subject cas14
Internal Comments Cas15
Assignment Rules cas21
Send notification to Contact cas22
Solution Name SolutionName
Details SolutionNote
Product Name Name
Product Code ProductCode
Quantity Scheduling Enabled CanUseQuantitySchedule
Product Currency CurrencyIsoCode
Description Description
Active IsActive
Product Family Family
Revenue Scheduling Enabled CanUseRevenueSchedule
Quantity Schedule Type pQST
Quantity Installment Period pQSI
Number Of Quantity Installments pQSN
Revenue Schedule Type pRST
Revenue Installment Period pRSI
Number Of Revenue Installments pRSN
Document Name Name
Internal Use Only iuo
Externally Available Image pub
Folder pid
Description desc
Keywords key
Event Assigned To ID evt1_lkid
Text evt1_lkold
Subject evt5
Who Picklist evt2_mlktp
ID evt2_lkid
Text evt2
What Picklist evt3_mlktp
ID evt3_lkid
Text evt3
Private IsPrivate
Activity Currency evt9
Location evt12
Date evt4
Time evt13
All Day Event evt15
Type evt10
Show Time As ShowAs
Description evt6
Task Assigned To ID tsk1_lkid
Text tsk1
Subject tsk5
Due Date tsk4
Status tsk4
Who Picklist tsk2_mlktp
ID tsk2_lkid
Text tsk2
What Picklist tsk3_mlktp
ID tsk3_lkid
Text tsk3
Comments tsk6
Notify by Email email
Campaign Campaign Name cpn1
Type cpn2
Status cpn3
Start Date cpn5
End Date cpn6
Expected Revenue cpn8
Budgeted Cost cpn9
Actual Cost cpn10
Expected Response % cpn11
Campaign Currency cpn7
Number Sent cpn13
Active cpn16
Description cpn4
Lead Salutation Picklist name_salutationlea2
First Name name_firstlea2
Last Name name_lastlea2
Company lea3
Title lea4
Lead Source lea5
Industry lea6
Annual Revenue lea7
Campaign ID lea20_lkid
Text lea20_lkold
Description lea17
Phone lea8
Mobile lea9
Fax lea10
Email lea11
Website lea12
Lead Status lea13
Rating lea14
# of Employees lea15
Email Opt Out lea22
Street lea16street
City lea16city
State/Province lea16state
Zip/Postal Code lea16zip
Country lea16country
Use Assignment Rule lea21

List of Salesforce Standard Objects Prefixed IDs

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