Salesforce Web-To-Lead
Salesforce Web-To-Lead functionality offers an easy way to get the leads from your company websites or public websites (without any integrations) into Salesforce system. Web-To-Lead functionality in Salesforce generates a HTML Form which can be integrated in your company websites, using the HTML form  we can captures the user entered data into Salesforce Lead records.
This Post & Video series describes all about Salesforce Web-To-Lead entire concepts like:
To Enable Web-To-Lead -> From Setup -> Web-to-Lead -> Enable “Web-to-Lead Enabled” from Web-to-Lead Settings sections
Generate Web to Lead HTML from Salesforce -> From Setup -> Web-To-Lead -> Click Create Web-to-Lead Form button

  • Generate Web-To-Lead form (Record Type/to set specific Record type value)

Pass a record type through Web to Case or Web to Lead form –
Associate a web-to-lead to a Campaign –
Web-To-Lead re-CAPTCHA API –

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