Select Email Action is not availble in Salesforce Macro Creation – Trailhead

When I’m trying to create a macro from the trailhead instructions some actions are not visible even though they are already added on the page layout, to resolve this please follow the below instructions:

1) Select Active Case Tab -> Click on Done
2) Click on Drop Down you will get Select Email Action is missing.

Solution to appear the Select Email Action while creating a Salesforce Macro.

Step 1: Enable Email-to-Case From Setup in the Email-to-Case Settings (
Step 2: Enable Macro Browser in the Sample Console under Apps (
Under Choose Console Components, add Macro Browser.
Under Assign to Profiles, set System Administrator to Visible.
Step 3: Enable Case Feed Actions and Feed Items checkbox checked in the Support Settings for cases.
Step 4: Email Deliverability Should be “All email” in the Access level dropdown (Setup -> Deliverability).
Step 5: Case PageLayout, Enable Email Quick Action in case feed layout (Setup -> Case -> PageLayout -> Quick Actions -> Enable Email under the Quick Actions in the Salesforce Classic Publisher Section.
Trailhead Module of Create and Run Macros –


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