Setup Audit fields and Update Records feature in Salesforce Winter 16 release

What is Audit fields feature?
This feature allow us to migrate created date, last modified date, created by & last modified by fields data.winter16 release

Many of us know about setup audit fields in salesforce. In Salesforce data migration we cannot migrate some fields data directly like created date, last modified date, created by & last modified by fields data. To migrate this data we need to contact support to enable audit fields access.

With the Winter 16 Salesforce release, we can directly enable this feature without contacting Salesforce.

Enable Setup Audit Fields:
To enable the user permissions, first enable the organization preference on the User Interface page.
From Setup, enter User Interface in the Quick Find box

Select User Interface. After you enable the organization preference, enable the user permissions in a permission set or profile.
You can set audit fields only in API-enabled editions of Salesforce.
For common objects, added two user permissions to cover these scenarios, which previously required that you to contact Salesforce to enable this access.

Set Audit Fields upon Record Creation
Set audit fields, such as Created By and Last Modified By, when you create a record (API only).

Update Records with Inactive Owners
Update owner and sharing-based fields on records with inactive owners.

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