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Live WebChats is one of the most important feature of Salesforce Service Cloud. It is a pretty powerful tool. Web chat is one such channel. It’s made up of a few different parts in Salesforce.
1) Chat: the agent part. It gives your support agents the power of conversational messaging right in the console.
2) Omni-Channel: the delivery. It gets chat requests to the right agent.
3) Embedded Service: the customer part. It provides a chat window that’s optimized for mobile browsers, too, so customers have a great chat experience whether they’re on their desktop or mobile phone. These parts work together to give your customers and support team an awesome and productive chat experience.

Step by Step Guide to Configure Live Web Chats in Salesforce Service Cloud

  • 00:00 Introduction about Salesforce Live Web Chat
  • 00:31 Configure Salesforce Live Web Chat from Setup (Setup -> Service Setup -> Click View All from right corner -> then type as Chat with Customers and follow all the steps till end)
  • 03:28 Publish Live Web Chat scripts to Public websites (ex: here we used to publish from Salesforce Visualforce Page, but we can place the Live Chat Code Snippets from your public websites or any other places based on the requirements )
  • 08:18 Get Live Chat Code Snippets (From Setup -> Embedded Service Deployment Settings -> Get Code from Embedded Service Code Snippets)
  • 09:07 Demo – Live Web Chats & Offline Chats




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