Step by Step about Queue Based Routing in Salesforce – Khyati Mehta

Omni-Channel is a Customer Service and Console based Salesforce feature that helps automatic routing of different kinds of work items (such as Leads and Cases) to agents. There are three ways to configure Omnichannel Routing. So, in this video we will understand what is Queue Based Routing in Salesforce, how it works and how to configure it in details.

Step by Step about Queue Based Routing in Salesforce:

  • 00:00 Introduction Queue Based Routing
  • 01:13 Enable Omni-Channel
  • 02:03 Create Service Channel (Case/Lead or any Custom Object)
  • 03:01 Routing Configurations
  • 05:08 Create Queue
  • 06:10 Create Presence Configurations
  • 07:37 Create Presence Statuses & Assign the Status to Profile
  • 10:20 Enable Omni-Channel to UI
  • 11:12 Demo – Queue based routing


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