Visualforce Performance for Developer

1)Use the ____Transient______ keyword in your Apex controllers for variables that aren’t essential for maintaining state and aren’t necessary during page refreshes


2)The view state size of your Visualforce pages must be under ___135KB______. By reducing your view state size, your pages can load quicker and stall less often.


3)Place all javascripts right before______</apex:page>_______ tag?


4)______Lazy load___ Apex objects to reduce request times.

Cached Load
Late Load
Lazy load
Limited Load

5)Component, that is unsafe to use in a PDF______<apex:detail>______?


6)By using the _______with sharing_______ keyword when creating your Apex controllers, you have the possibility of improving your SOQL queries by only viewing a data set for a single user.

without sharing
with sharing


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