What is Single Sign-On (SSO) and what are the different options available with Salesforce?

single-signon1Single Sign-On (SSO) is the capability to access multiple applications using a single username/password, thereby eliminating the need to remember multiple usernames/passwords.

A common use case is a company’s SSO which allows employees to access multiple applications like HR, Travel, Salesforce.com etc all using their LDAP username/password.single-signon
SSO-FederationsSalesforce offers two methods:
1) Delegated AuthenticationSSO-Delegated-Authentication
2) SAML based Federated Authentication
Setup -> Administration Setup -> Security Controls -> Single Sign-On Settings
What is JIT or Just In Time provisioning
JIT or Just-In-Time provisioning is a feature of Single Sign-On (SSO) which enables real-time user provisioning for access to Salesforce.com.

In simple terms, when a user tries to login from an external system using SSO and if the user does not already exists in Salesforce, JIT creates the user account in real time and logs the user into Salesforce.

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