What is the difference between Files, Salesforce CRM Content, Salesforce Knowledge, and Documents?

Files Tab:

Upload, store, find, follow, share, and collaborate on Salesforce files in the cloud.
Upload a file in Chatter and store it there privately until you’re ready to share it. Share the file with coworkers and groups to collaborate and get feedback. Attach files to posts in a Chatter feed on the Home tab, Chatter tab, a profile, a record, or a group.
Maximum File Sizes
2 GB

Salesforce CRM Content:

Publish and share official corporate files with coworkers and deliver them to customers.
Create, clone, or modify a sales presentation and save it so only you can see it and work on it. When you’re ready, publish it so other users in your company have access to it. Create a content pack and send it to customers.
Maximum File Sizes

2 GB
10 MB for Google Docs
38 MB when uploaded via the API
10 MB when uploaded via Visualforce

Salesforce Knowledge:

Create and manage content, known as articles, in a knowledge base. Internal users and customers (on your Customer Portal, partner portal, Service Cloud Portal, or Force.com Sites) can quickly find and view articles they need.
Write, edit, publish, and archive articles using the Articles Management tab or find and view published articles using the Articles tab. Customers and partners can access articles if Salesforce Knowledge is enabled in your Customer Portal, partner portal, Service Cloud Portal, or Force.com Sites. Create a public knowledge base so website visitors can view articles.
Maximum File Sizes

10 KB for articles
5 MB for attachments

Documents Tab:

Store Web resources, such as, logos, DOT files, and other Visualforce materials in folders without attaching them to records.
Add a custom logo to meeting requests by uploading your logo to the Documents tab.
Maximum File Sizes

5 MB
20 KB for a custom-app logo


Attach files to records from the Attachments related list on selected detail pages.
Add a file to a specific record, like an event, marketing campaign, contact, or case by attaching it on the Attachments related list.

Maximum File Sizes
5 MB for file attachments
2 GB for feed attachments
10 MB for files attached to email

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