When users can access Site.com in the Force.com app menu in the Salesforce header

After you allocate a feature license using user details page provide the below permission then users can access Site.com in the Force.com app menu in the Salesforce header.

  • Site.com Publisher User feature license, select the Site.com Publisher User checkbox.
  • Site.com Contributor User feature license, select the Site.com Contributor User checkbox.

Make sure “View Setup and Configuration” Permission is enabled.

There are three roles at the site level:-

1) Site administrator – can create and manage all site content. They can create sites, templates, style sheets, and pages, and also set up domains, publish sites, and assign user roles

2) Designer – Same Control like Site Administrator to modify content, but they can’t manage domains or publish sites.

3) Contributor – most restricted access to content and can typically just edit page text and images



Site.com Workbook: http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/workbook_siteforce/

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