Which API Should I Use in Salesforce?

following user permission need:

User Permissions Needed – API Enabled under the profile level

Application Programming Interface (API)

API Name What It’s For When to Use It Protocol Data Format Communication
REST API Accessing objects in your organization using REST. You want to leverage the REST architecture to integrate with your organization. No WSDL requirement.Well-suited for browser-based applications, mobile apps, and highly-interactive social applications. REST JSON, XML Synchronous
SOAP API Integrating your organization’s data with other applications using SOAP. You have pre-existing middleware services that need to work with WSDLs and XML data. SOAP/WSDL XML Synchronous
Chatter REST API Accessing Chatter feeds and social data such as users, groups, followers, and files using REST. You want to integrateChatter into a variety of applications, such as mobile apps, intranet sites, and third-party Web applications. REST JSON, XML Synchronous (photos are processed asynchronously)
Bulk API Loading or deleting large numbers of records. You have over a million records to process and speed is a requirement. REST CSV, XML Asynchronous
Metadata API Managing customizations in your organization and building tools that can manage the metadata model, not the data itself. You want to migrate changes, such as custom object definitions and page layouts, from a sandbox to your production environment. SOAP/WSDL XML Asynchronous
Streaming API Providing a stream of data reflecting data changes in your organization. You need near real-time notifications of when records are created or updated. Bayeux JSON Asynchronous (stream of data)
Apex REST API Building your own REST API in Apex. ExposesApex classes as RESTful Web services. You need to build custom JSON responses or you want to expose custom functionality that you implemented in Apex. REST JSON, XML, Custom Synchronous
Apex SOAP API Creating custom SOAP Web services in Apex. Exposes Apex classes as SOAP Web services. You need to build custom XML responses or you want to expose custom functionality that you implemented in Apex . SOAP/WSDL XML Synchronous
Tooling API Building custom development tools forForce.com applications. You want to add functionality to your existing development and integration tools or you want to build specialized development tools for a specific application or service. REST and SOAP JSON, XML, Custom Asynchronous

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