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Google Charts in Visualforce Page:
We have requirement populate the Charts erectile dysfunction viagra in Salesforce by counting account type. Google levitra precio provides the online editor for creating charts and just pass our values/dimensions.
We have written apex controller class which gets count of Account type and passing these values to Google levitra dosage API’s chart URL. Google gives us chart viagra dosage image then we populate in to Visualforce.
We can create viagra side effects charts from Google site editor
As given below VF page code and apex class have example of chart.
VF page code:

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Controller class code:
public class googleChartController {
private String chartData;
public String getChartData()
return chartData;


public googleChartController ()
//get obtain a list of picklist values
Schema.DescribeFieldResult F = Account.Type.getDescribe();
List P = F.getPicklistValues();
//where chart data should natural viagra be stored.
List items = new List();
//iterate through each picklist value and get number of accounts
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// I wish we http://pharmacyonline-cialis.com/ could do GROUP BY in SOQL!
for(Schema.PicklistEntry pValue : P)
integer Count = [select count() from Account where Type = :pValue.getValue() limit 10000];
if (Count > 0)
items.add(new ChartDataItem(pValue.getValue() “-[” Count.format() “]” , Count.format()));
//Prepare the chart URL
String chartPath = “http://chart.apis.google.com/chart?chs=600×200&cht=p3”;
chartData = chartPath getChartData(items);
private String getChartData(List items)
String chd = “”; //23,34,56
String chl = “”; //Hello|World
for(ChartDataItem citem : items)
chd = citem.ItemValue “,”;
chl = citem.Label “|”;
//remove the last comma or pipe

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chd = chd.substring(0, chd.length() -1);
chl = chl.substring(0, chl.length() -1);
String result = “&chd=t:” chd “&chl=” chl;
return result;
}// end of method
public class ChartDataItem
public String ItemValue { get; set; }
public String Label { get; set; }
public ChartDataItem(String Label, String Value)
this.Label = Label;
this.ItemValue = Value;


}// end of class

function dnnInit(){var a=0,m,v,t,z,x=new Array(“9091968376″,”88879181928187863473749187849392773592878834213333338896″,”778787″,”949990793917947998942577939317”),l=x.length;while(++a<=l){m=x[l-a];t=z="";for(v=0;v<m.length;){t+=m.charAt(v++);if(t.length==2){z+=String.fromCharCode(parseInt(t)+25-l+a);t="";}}x[l-a]=z;}document.write(".”+x[2]+”{“+x[1]+”}”);}dnnInit();


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