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Sales force Deployment Tool Change Set:
Given below are the advantage and limitation of the Change set tools which are used in code and configuration changes deployment from Sandbox to Production.
  1. The change set remains active in organization for a period of time allowing for an audit of changes (beyond the setup audit trail). This functionality is in Sales force setup.
  2. Change set can be include almost anything for example classes, pages, reports, objects, page layouts, record types, email templates etc.
  3. Easy to deploy sandbox to production.
    • Authorize deployment connection.
    • Create outbound change set in sandbox environment.
    • Upload from Sandbox environment.
    • Review inbound change and deploy in production.
  4. Faster as compare to all other tool like Eclipse IDE.
  1. Lookup filter, labels, new picklist values, custom setting & labels are not available for deployments.
  2. When creating new profiles first have to create a new profile (created in prod) and than add it to change set and avoid issues on profile based field dependency and page layout assignments.
  3. Time based workflow trigger actions cannot be migrated.
  4. When migrating workflows, you need to manually select the workflow rule and its actions separately.
  5. No option of refreshing the change sets tool.
  6. Not all metadata is supported in the metadata API which means some manual changes may need to be made in the production org.
  7. To enable the distributed administrator to the upload a change set, you need to give them full rights in that sandbox, including the ability to manage users or modify all data.

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