compaq 1) What is an object?
An object is an entity, which consist of attributes, behaviors and qualities that describe the object.

2) What is a class?
A class represents a collection of attributes and behaviors of object. It is the class from which individual objects created.
For example:-     Bicycle is a class that contain the following attributes

3) What is OOAD?
OOAD stands for Object Oriented analysis and design. It is a methodology use to analyze, design and develop applications. It visualizes the class and the objects.

4) What are the advantages of OOAD?
* Reusability
* Maintainability
* Increase the performance of the system.

5) What is Data Abstraction?
It is a process of listing the essential features, without implementation details. Data abstraction is nothing but the extraction of the information which is required and ignoring the other information.

6) What is Data Encapsulation?
Data encapsulation or data hiding is a function that keeps the implementation details hidden to the user. The user of the application is allowed to perform only limited task with the class members that are hidden.

7) What is the difference between data abstraction and information hiding?
Abstraction mainly focus on the outside view of the object whereas encapsulation prevents the user from seeing the inside view where the properties and behavior of the abstraction is implemented.

8) Why is java not 100% pure OOPS language?
Java doesn’t support 100% pure OOPS concept, since it support primitive datatype like int, long, byte etc, these are not objects.

9) Qualities for a program to be 100% OOPS language?
Encapsulation/Data Hiding
1. Polymorphism
2. All predifined types are objects
3. Inheritance
4. Operations performed through messages to objects
5. Abstraction
6. datatypes are to be objects.

10) What is early binding?
Early binding or static type or static binding is assigning the value of the variable during design phase. Early binding instruct the compiler to allocate space and perform other task before the application starts executing.

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