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Insert new case comment using Apex Trigger in salesforce

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by November 24, 2011 APEX, SALESFORCE, Trigger

Insert new case comment using Apex Trigger in salesforce

Task: I need to insert the CaseComment to all the Relevant Cases whenever New casecommnet is created or updated Using Trigger,

trigger updateCaseComment on CaseComment(after insert, after update) {
Map<Id,CaseComment> caseMap = new Map<Id,CaseComment>();
for (CaseComment t:{

Set<Id> idSet = caseMap.keySet();
List<Case> allCases = [select Id,ParentId from Case where ParentId in :idSet];
List<CaseComment> childCommand = new List<CaseComment>();
for(integer i=0;i<allCases.size();i++){

CaseComment newCommmand = new CaseComment();
newCommmand.CommentBody = caseMap.get(allCases[i].ParentId).CommentBody;
newCommmand.IsPublished = TRUE;
newCommmand.ParentId = allCases[i].id;

insert childCommand;



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